Some Info about M.C.E's Society

Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society (MCES), was established in the year 1948 by Late Mr.Abdul Kadir Khan and others, with an objective of providing education to the economically, educationally and socially weaker sections of the society.

The working process of ourInventory Management System

Inventory Management System : more suitable for Institute to manage stored items (Chemical, Equipment, Glassware & General) and add a way to order them Through System for Lab and practical experiments. This inventory software makes the process of ordering and receiving of items, inventory reporting, item control and management of users as well as their locations easy by placing all the above functions in a perfect And systematic way You can indeed save time with the online inventory system. The system has a number of great features that will suit your Institute as well as Small Business. The main features being the ability to add Items into inventory, maintain reports of items and damaged goods, manage users via a good access model while also able to administer your physical locations. Since it is online software, it is continually updated; meaning more and more functionality and enhancements are added.


Admin Panel

Store Incharge

Lab Incharge

Chemical Incharge

Glassware Incharge

Equipment Incharge


Inventory Tracking

The main focus of this system is to be able to track your inventory levels.

Security and Backups

-Are you sure that your inventory management system is secure?


Reporting is a critical feature to have in inventory management.